Story 01 The Origin of Star Quality

The Spirit Cultivated in Yokohama

In Motomachi, Yokohama - the site of Japan's earliest introductions to Western culture - there has always been a culture of innovation that has produced artisans who flourish. Flourishing not only through clothing design, but also through the making of hats, furniture, and Western tableware, with the spirit to challenge the status quo. Since its inception in 1946, Motomachi-born "Star Jewelry" has stayed true to its Yokohama roots, continuing its history of unique creations and craftsmanship.

Uncompromising Quality Esteemed Star Quality

At the time of our establishment, there were many stores in Motomachi selling precious metals and fine jewelry, but Star Jewelry was the only one with an experienced, in-house craftsman and an in-store workshop. In order to meet the various demands of foreigners living in the wealthy residential area of Yamate, our techniques were improved and refined, never compromising top-level quality, until the highest quality - Star Quality - was cultivated. Many stores have come along since then, but our commitment to the highest quality still stands as our official policy.