Story 02 A Playful Mind for Design

Be Amazed, Become the Shine

The spirit of incorporating something new and fresh is what we live for, and this has greatly influenced our approach to design. In every intricate detail - whether it be a tiny heart-shaped earring catch; a clasp for a necklace; diamond settings shaped in our original "Star" motif; or by floating a star inside a diamond stone with special cutting techniques - we're always excited to amaze our customers by bringing a fresh impression, with jewelry that sparkles.

Star Jewelry at its Best

As designers, we ask ourselves "What defines Star Jewelry?" It's hard to explain in words, but our goal in design is to create something beautiful in a tiny piece of jewelry that will bring you a huge smile, and immense feelings of joy and pleasant surprise. We believe that when the shine we design in our jewelry makes the customer shine, we "become star", and this is what motivates us to create new designs every day.