Story 04 Workshop, Made in Japan

We Prefer Our Own Workshop

Star Jewelry has run its own workshop next to its store since its inception. Currently, our "PREMIUM WORKSHOP" is located very close to our flagship headquarters in Motomachi. Having our own workshop nearby - with skilled and reliable craftsmen - allows us to coordinate closely with our entire team, and keep close track of the creation process from start to finish. This is the key ingredient to our brand's perfection.

Accountability For Our Work

We insists on creating our jewelry domestically in Japan within our own workshop, not only to care for the Jewelry displayed in our store, but to service the Jewelry that has already been purchased, now and in the future. For every piece of jewelry that encounters our customers, we promise to keep its shine forever. To maintain the love you had when you first met our jewelry, we take eternal responsibility, and will forever tend to it at our workshop in Japan.