• HISTORY 1946-1959



In 1946, Saburo Nagai and his wife Taeko Nagai first opened Star Jewelry. The store catered to English-speaking foreign customers, a skill its founders acquired while working in the oil trade after the war. At that time, the streets in Motomachi, Yokohama were lined with stores selling precious metals and fine jewelry, but Star Jewelry was the only one with experienced craftsmen working in their in-store workshop. The store gained popularity as being THE place that could meet foreign customers' various demands. Star Jewelry became a favorite of foreign customers, and was featured in the American newspaper Stars and Stripes, as a jewelry store in Japan with American-style earrings. Americans across Japan flocked to the store.

Symbolic Item American-style  Pierced Earrings

At its inception, American-style Pierced Earrings were very popular among foreigners living in Yamate, Yokohama, as well as with the wives of U.S. military officers stationed in Yokosuka. The earrings were a staple of our 1980's collection, frequently displayed in our showcases. Star Jewelry drew a lot of attention as the first store in Japan to sell pierced earrings.

Symbolic Item W-Shell Charm Pendant

This was one of our most popular items, particularly among our silver products. A very delicate design, an open shell accented with a small pearl grain inside.