• HISTORY 1960



Due to foreign currency restrictions, it was a difficult time to travel overseas for many Japanese. The owner of Star Jewelry, however, toured the world - Europe, the United States, India, and South America - in search of new jewelry. This spirit of a buyer always searching for something new to satisfy their customers' needs is a spirit that continues to this day.

Additionally, in the late 60's we supported many promising jewelry designers. As a result, a variety of handmade novel designs filled our showcases. Star Jewelry gained a reputation and was dubbed the "Motomachi Star", a store of exclusive designs and directly imported of jewelry.

Symbolic Item Skinny Bangles

In the 60's, many charming items were created using greatly skilled craftsmen. The Ivy League, aka the Miyuki-zoku look (named for the wealthy teens on Ginza Miyuki Street in Tokyo), was in fashion at the time. The new style of layering multiple skinny bangles became a huge hit among them.

Symbolic Item Star Lariat Necklace

This was a Lariat, a long chain with no clasp and a natural star-cut crystal. There was also a synthetic blue moonstone option. This was one of the major items at the time, whenmany fashionable young Japanese started to choose Motomachi as their shopping destination.

Symbolic Item V Shaped Ring

The V-shaped ring was a big hit, but is less common now. The rings with a turquoise stone sold especially better than we expected.