• HISTORY 1970



In 1969, the Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center opened in Setagaya, Tokyo; Star Jewelry chose this location as its first branch. Taking this opportunity during the time of a new genre in fashionable jewelry, "Star" released one popular original item after another. Rumor has it at the time, that among the college girls in the Yamate area of Yokohama, if the first gift you received from a man was Star Jewelry's silver ring, you would live 'Happily Ever After'.


Symbolic Item Dolphin Ring

A dolphin ring that is said to bring happiness into your life was born in this era. This item is one of our long-time sellers.

Symbolic Item Flower Studded Pierced Earrings

When the Motomachi shopping district produced a new style of fashion called HAMATORA (abbreviated from Yokohama Traditional), flower-studded pierced earrings - which have the unique design of sandwiching the ear with a flower and leaves - became a legendary hit. These items have been highly coveted among salivating fans, and recreated several times.