• HISTORY 1980



In 1976, with the renovation of its Motomachi flagship store, Star Jewelry became a full-fledged fashion jewelry boutique. Original jewelry routinely crafted by our in-house designers, coupled with a stylish presentation, gained overwhelming support from discerning customers.

At the same time, with the growing popularity of the HAMATORA fashion style, Motomachi became an almost sacred destination for college girls in Yamate.

Symbolic Item Tic-Tac Ring

Watches became the next boom in fashion, and the "tic-tac ring" gained popularity.

Symbolic Item Initialed Wedding Bands

Since its inception, Star Jewelry has dealt in bridal jewelry. During this time we created a new genre of wedding ring, and won the hearts of couples tired of the existing repertoire.

Symbolic Item Spiral Pierced Earrings

An innovation in pierced earrings, these spirals have no catch. This is a very popular product, born from the mind of one of our young designers.