• HISTORY 1990



In 1992, at a location close to our Motomachi flagship store, the Star Jewelry Annex Building was completed. Our in-store workshop was then moved to the second floor of this new building. To show our customers the craftsmanship practiced in Star Jewelry, we surrounded our new workshop with walls of clear glass.

On the first floor we placed a coffee shop called STAR JEWELRY ARGENTERIA. Customers enjoy tea and cake on elegant silver tableware, as they wait for their jewelry to be engraved or repaired.

Symbolic Item Star Lariat and Pierced Earrings - Commemorating our 50th Anniversary

Recreating popular items typical of the 1950s and 1960s, the Star Lariat Collection became available for a limited time.

Symbolic Item Key Motif

In Europe, keys are worn to protect against evil, ailments and accidents.
We turned this tradition into jewelry, adding heart and star motifs. This jewelry is still a popular lucky charm today, seen as a key to opening a bright future.

Symbolic Item Swing Charm Ring

This ring, with a heart-shaped charm swinging from it, was a revolutionary design for its time. Since then, this popular ring has appeared in a variety of different materials, as well as in pinky ring form. Additionally, Star Jewelry is the first brand to introduce the pinky ring in earnest to Japan.