• HISTORY 2000


Episode Motomachi Flagship Store Reopened in 2004

February 1, 2004 — On the same day of the debut of our Minatomirai Line, our flagship store (STAR JEWELRY Motomachi) reopened after almost a year of renovation. It featured a museum space called "STAR JEWELRY the shop & museum" where you could discover our history. Our store's classical appearance perfectly matched the good old town of Motomachi. An astronomy telescope was placed on the balcony, and a pet-friendly bar faced the street. The store was jam-packed with elements that highlighted the principle of our policy "always remember your tradition of uniqueness".


In 2000, Star Jewelry proudly opened its online store, the very first online jewelry store in Japan. As a hospitality, we featured an enhanced concierge function to guide our first-time customers step-by-step through the online shopping experience.

Symbolic Item LOVE STAR 2000

A year before July 1999, we implemented a millennium campaign called LOVE STAR 2000, and sold limited edition couple's rings and bangles engraved with the campaign signature. This was the origin of the "LOVE STAR" campaign, which is held every year in the Tanabata season ("Evening of the seventh"; July 7th's "Star Festival").

Symbolic Item RING OF GAMES

His & Her jewelry to support the 2002 World Cup games in Yokohama. His & Her rings and bangles were placed inside a soccer ball motif, and symbolized the year "2002" when the lovers were together as one.

Symbolic Item Flower on Leaves

In commemoration of the grand re-opening of our Motomachi flagship store, we recreated in limited edition our blockbuster collection, Flower on Leaves. It was revived in a novel way, as a rose made of coral.