• HISTORY 2006


Episode 2006, Flagship Store Opens in Omotesando Hills

In February 2006, another flagship store "STAR JEWELRY the shop OMOTESANDO" opened in Omotesando Hills, Tokyo.The new concept of this store drew a lot of attention, appropriate for this milestone year marking the 60th anniversary of our founding.
This luxurious space possesses a vista of Zelkova-tree-lined Omotesando, from windows where crystal chains pour like shining stars. We appropriately produced star-image-designed jewelry exclusively to commemorate this anniversary.

Episode SJX - The Birth of our Men's Brand

That same year our men's jewelry boutique, SJX, also opened in Omotesando Hills. Designed by Yasumichi Morita, this store is a gorgeous work of sparkling crystal chains. The jewelry designs are unique, original and innovative, yet keep the basics of novel craftsmanship that give the power to stones and motifs. We secretly call this a good luck charm for men.


On our proud 60th anniversary, we recreated this collection of ancient Roman coins that found their way to the public limelight back in the 1980's. This new collection is modeled after the coins we circulated in the year we were established in 1946. Now available, its the perfect accessory for our 60th anniversary.


Since our founding, silver charms with unique designs have always brought big smiles to people, attracting the attention of the public. Some of these charms used motifs of the port city of our origin, Yokohama. In commemoration of our 60th anniversary, these charms were reborn as "HISTORICAL CHARMS". We created them as a sign of respect and gratitude for our long history with Yokohama.

Episode Collaborating with the Television Drama "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi"

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Love of one only), aka "Just One Love", is a Japanese drama series that premiered on NTV in October 2006. Since the show was staged in Yokohama, Star Jewelry fully cooperated with associations involved with the filming, such as the Yokohama Film Commission and the Motomachi Shopping Street Co-op. Our Motomachi head office, headquarters and cafes made frequent cameos in the show. The ring made from the nut of a tool, which played a key role in the drama, was produced from prototypes by craftsmen at Star Jewelry. It is on display at our museum in Motomachi.