• HISTORY 2008


Episode 2008, "BEAR FOR PEACE" Campaign Begins

In the spirit of Christmas giving, we revived our special Christmas Bear from 2001, and started the "BEAR FOR PEACE" campaign to help children around the world. For every Holiday Bear purchased, 500 yen was donated to UNICEF. This campaign derived from our 15-year-old "UNICEF CHARITY DAY" campaign (est. 1993), where we would donate all of our Christmas day sales from the Motomachi flagship store to UNICEF.


A solar-powered watch, "STAR JEWELRY ECO" made its sensational debut in August 2008 with explosive sales as soon as it hit the shelves, due to increased environmental awareness in the world. With a delicate design that can be worn like jewelry, conveniently it never needs batteries.

Symbolic Item Acrylic Jewelry

A Star Jewelry icon, our acrylic jewelry uniquely displays clear motifs inside. Released in a limited edition, acrylic jewelry was the all-time most requested series among our customers. Due to the advanced techniques required to make these items, this collection is always in limited supply. These elaborate motifs require tons of work just for the bare metal parts. We then take these parts and confine them beautifully in acrylic, one piece at a time. In 2008 our motif, Crossing Star, was closer in design to classic Star Jewelry, and became a hit.