• HISTORY 2011


Episode 2011, 10th Anniversary of the Holiday Bear

In 2011 our Christmas icon, the Holiday Bear, celebrated the 10th year since it first appeared. We undertook a mission that year to deliver smiles on Christmas, so in addition to our annual "BEAR FOR PEACE" campaign, we conducted a "LOVE FOR JAPAN" campaign to provide disaster relief through UNICEF for the Great East Japan Earthquake. For the 10th anniversary of our Holiday Bear, we reprinted a limited edition selection of our best bears from each year since 2001.

Episode STAR JEWELRY girl Debut

"Enjoy your jewelry fashionably as freely as you wear your clothes".
A concept we've explored since our inception, "Fashion Jewelry" is the theme of our new sister brand "STAR JEWELRY girl", making casual jewelry more trendy.



Close to the Motomachi flagship store, Star Jewelry's in-house "PREMIUM WORKSHOP" is located on Motomachi Naka Street, also known as Craftsmanship Street. People can see our jewelry produced through windows facing the street. Since its grand reopening, it’s become a full-fledged workshop, featuring multiple exclusive sculptors you won't find anywhere else in the country. In this workshop we work on new jewelry collections while repairing and maintaining the jewelry that our customers have already entrusted to us.