Whisper Yes,

Sing low, Sing clear
Sweet words on my fingers
Every whisper of my secret pleasure...

I can't help but enjoy the night, because no one interrupts me.
The hands of the clock keep turning, and the night keeps arriving.
I love the undisturbed night, but in the morning, I'll call you.

Queen of Hearts

In the kingdom of rhythm and rhyme,
The Queen of Hearts, she stands sublime.
With every beat, her heart does sing,
A melody fit for a queen and king.

Smile Shine

The king arrives at the laughing gate,
His smile shines like a diamond, so great!
A fun day awaits, I'm sure it's true,
Let's head to the future, me and you!

Grey Through

Standing tall, like an ace in play,
The gray pearl, its shine hidden away.
Transcending time, it will never be through.


beyond the light,
through the sight,
over the height,
past the cry,
and into the night….